Friday, November 7, 2008


Hi, my name is Jessica, and I have a confession to make. Actually, I have a few …

I have never flambéed.

I often substitute bouillon cubes in the place of real stock.

I’m always apprehensive about cooking anything without a recipe.

Until recently, I had no idea what sabayon was. And I only know now because I looked it up on Wikipedia.

I have never dined at a five-star restaurant. In fact, I’m not entirely sure whether or not I have, and doesn’t that make it even worse?

If you asked me now, I couldn’t name a single famous chef who doesn’t have a show on the Food Network.

But these things are also true:

The aromas of sautéing onions, roasting meat, and simmering sauces make me swoon.

I get excited to go grocery shopping.

I try a different recipe nearly every night, and the ones I return to are often the ones I failed at the first time, because I am determined to get it right.

If there is a warning at the top of a recipe that it is difficult, I want to try it even more.

I never think of cooking as work. In fact, cooking dinner is usually the highlight of my day.

When traveling, trying the local food is often more important to me than seeing the famous sights of the place.

I love cooking.

I love food.

My thirst for food knowledge is something that excites and inspires me, and, consequently, is something I want to talk about … all the time. And while my boyfriend Andrew is kind enough to indulge me and listen to my tales of how I got that particular flavor in the ragu, or why I’m going to use more flour in the gravy the next time I make it, I know I would be trying his patience if I went on about this stuff for as long as I want to. And no matter how great one person’s opinion is, it’s always better to get a few more. By keeping all this in mind, the solution for finding more people to discuss my passion for food with has become clear to me: start a food blog. I like writing. I like writing about things that I love. I love food. It’s pretty much a no-brainer.

So follow me on my adventures learning about the wonderful world of food, both exotic and familiar, both complex and simple. If you’re an amateur like myself, maybe you can learn along with me. If you’re a seasoned expert, perhaps, at the very least, you will be entertained. Either way, just don't forget to bring your appetite.


  1. Jessica,
    What a thrill to see your name and picture appearing in this long-awaited blog!

    I'm so proud of you!!!

    Happy, too, to be the FTF, and I look forward to following each and every one of your blogged adventures!

    Love and kisses
    - et "Bon Appétit" -
    from Montréal!

  2. Hey Jess!
    It looks amazing and i am very proud of what you have put together! I will forsure be following your quests and learning from them and trying out the things you tried yourself!

  3. Hey Jess,
    It's wonderful!! Good for you! I will definitley be a faithful follower of your blog. I'll be trying your lasagna recipe, it made my mouth water!! Thanks for giving me props for the spinach!!!

    Lots of love,

  4. Hey Jessica! I can see that you have found something you are enjoying!! Everything looks and sounds yummy and fun to make! Hope all is wel and I look forward to reading more! :)

    Nadia; the non-cook